7 Reasons to Quit Drinking Alcohol

Drinking has become the social norm these days, but there are many, many reasons that can persuade a person to quit drinking alcohol. Here are the7 reasons that inspired me to ditch the bottle 9 months ago.

1. It makes you fat.

Sorry, but it’s true. Alcohol is empty calories, and because it is an appetite suppressant, often times leads you to having food cravings you wouldn’t typically have had you not been drinking. Who hasn’t gone out for french fries or pizza at 3 a.m. after hours of drinking? And not to mention the best hangover cure: greasy brunch with a side of mimosa. The issue is that alcohol can’t be stored in the body, so it must be burnt quickly. For this reason, alcohol takes priority and food consumed with alcohol or up to the course of a day becomes a surplus and stored as fat.

2. It makes you feel bad, both physically and emotionally. 

I have no sympathy for the self-induced misery that comes with drinking. Next time you feel like you’ve been hit by a bus, maybe you should take a step back and recognize that something that makes you feel that awful is probably not good for you. There is a reason your body is rejecting the alcohol. The hangover is just not worth it. Neither is the guilt that comes with the walk of shame or whatever poor decisions your impaired judgement convinced you were a good idea at the time.

3. It’s extremely unhealthy.

Alcohol is a known carcinogen; it increases your chances of dying from cancer. Alcohol is also linked to diabetes, liver problems, kidney failure, and heart problems. It screws with your sleep patterns. If you’re like me, having one glass of wine or a margarita will have you awake and feeling jittery after only a few hours of sleep. Also, alcohol ages you, and I am not trying trying to rush the inevitable.

4. It doesn’t actually make you more social.

I know what it’s like to spend hours with people you have nothing in common with and how painful it can be trying to find something mutually interesting to talk about, even if you do become besties after a few (or several) drinks. I’m sorry, but if you need alcohol to socialize with your weekend crew, then maybe you need to find a new crew. Trust me. You will thank me when baby shower season comes around and you’re invited to each one of their baby showers; it will be the longest 2 hours spent trying to find something interesting to talk about. Generic relationship do not make you happier.

5. It’s expensive.

People spend so much money on alcohol, with the average household spending upwards of $400 a month. These are typically the same households who complain about inflation and the increased cost of living. Personally, I would rather spend that money on a memorable vacation that will be far more monumental than a few nights at the bar.

6. It bring you down.

Alcohol is a depressant. If you are someone who becomes emotional when you drink, alcohol is the last thing you need. I can relate to drinking as an attempt to hide your sadness and stress. My mom got sick 2 years ago. I thought I could make it go away by spending my weekends at the bar. The reality of it all is that it will still be there the next morning. Your problems become magnified when you turn to alcohol to clean try to them up. By not drinking, you will welcome clarity into your life and will see things differently. Instead of spending nights out at the bar, try spending time out in nature. Go hiking, take a yoga class, or find some other creative outlet that you enjoy. You will feel better. Sometimes it is best to sit and embrace life when it gets a little bit rocky; it builds character and will mold you into a stronger person.

7. It’s healthier on your relationship. This is the primary reason my partner and I quit drinking alcohol. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is worth compromising the health and well-being of your relationship, especially when it is within your control. It doesn’t have to be a romantic relationship, either. You will find that by eliminating the toxic things from your life, you will have a deeper, more spiritual connection with the people you genuinely want in your life. Your perception of that person will not be masked by booze. Instead, you will see this person for who they truly are. You will build authentic relationships with people who share the same interests and passions as you. You will begin to have real conversations with people that are more than slurred words and drunken gibberish. If you want long lasting relationships, whether romantic or not, find activities you enjoy doing together that do not revolve around drinking.

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  1. Amanda says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s the mixers that people add into the alcohol that makes drinks high calorie


    1. Certainly makes things worse. Alcohol is also an appetite stimulant.


      1. Amanda says:

        Yeah but a stimulated appetite isn’t necessarily the same as eating bad things; Plus for many people if they drink enough alcohol they can’t keep food down anyways.
        Not only that but have you never gotten the shits after drinking? I feel like when I drink I lose a couple pounds from the shits alone.


      2. Haha I think everyone can relate. But I’d say more often than not, people don’t have these reactions to drinking (ie a glass or two of wine, couple of beers, etc). The issue is that because alcohol can’t be stored in the body, it must be burnt quickly. For this reason, food consumed with alcohol or up to the course of a day won’t take priority during digestion and therefore becomes a surplus and stored as fat. I know a lot of people who started drinking a lot and gained a lot of weight. It may not be the case for everyone. Regardless of weight gain, alcohol is poison to the bottom. There’s a reason people get sick when they drink too much; you’re body is rejecting it.


      3. Your**
        It won’t let me go back and edit my comment.


      4. Amanda says:

        Oh ok I guess I was thinking about vodka type liquor instead of beer/wine which I didn’t think of; Plus I personally struggle to keep my weight up (and I drink a good bit) so I’m always skeptical when people blame the booze for their weight. But I guess if you’re not taking care of yourself in other ways to make up for it that makes sense.


  2. Alcoholic drinks are killers

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